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The Safer Newark Council’s mission is to reduce violent crime in Newark by 20% by 2020. 

The Safer Newark Council works to make Newark safer and feel safer through assessment, coordination, partnership, communication, and above all, developing a racially just, trauma-informed, citywide violence reduction strategy, tailored to the specific issues in Newark, which integrates law enforcement, social services, and community empowerment.

The Safer Newark Council is cross sector group with public safety as its core program. The Safer Newark Council has three main goals:

1. To provide an independent assessment of the current status of public safety in Newark and share with its citizens.

2. To identify and promote a set of strategic priorities for improving Newark’s public safety city-wide.

3. To create a medium for aligning evidence-based and problem-oriented public safety initiatives with these strategic priorities, making connections between the city’s current array of public and private public safety activity, and identifying gaps in that work.

Download the Safer Newark Council’s Latest Report on Public Safety in Newark

Read the Safer Newark Council’s latest Report on Public Safety in Newark
Newark is an exceptional place. The third oldest incorporated city in America, it was an industrial powerhouse and remains a major northeastern hub for transportation, education, commerce and the arts.

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